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3.2 Bandit

The Band had practiced every day of the week leading up to the big day. Harper drove Luz home everyday after practice and he’d always try to invite her out but she insisted that she had to go home. She never invited him inside and always made sure he drove off before she opened the door. Something was amiss, but Harper couldn’t put his finger on it.
Friday came and everyone was nervous!
“Hey everyone, welcome to the Mojo Lounge!” Harper said nervously as he grabbed a hold of the microphone. “I hope everyone is having a good time so far tonight. We are The Lady Killers, and we’re here to rock your world!”
With that, Luz started on her keyboard just like they  practiced, Kyle followed in with a slow rhythmic drumming and Harper picked up his guitar and proceeded to strum. He walked back up to the mic and took it in his hands.
“This first song is called ‘London Bridge is Falling’.” The band started to jam their hearts out.
Kellee, Harper’s cousin, was there to show her support and the whole night was making eyes with Kyle. As he played his drums, she danced provocatively in front of him making sure he followed her sultry dance moves closely and gave him a wink. what a tease! He thought.
Meanwhile, Harper had an admirer himself. She wasn’t as obvious as Kellee, but she bobbed her head to the music coolly and gave Harper a seductive smile every time they made eye contact. He’d never seen her around town before, but he couldn’t let his mind wonder. He had to give his all to the music if he wanted that record deal!
After the band played their last song, the DJ took over and kept the good vibes going. The girl who was eying Harper stopped him in his tracks and asked him for a dance.
She was obviously intoxicated flailing her arms about, but Harper thought she was pretty and agreed to dance with her.
At first, it was a bit awkward. They were dancing so far apart and she kept turning her head away from Harper, avoiding eye contact.
Soon enough, they were grinding together to the music, sweating and breathing heavily. Harper pulled the girl in for a kiss and they kept dancing, bodies pressed against one another.
“Let’s go back to my place.” Harper sighed heavily under his breath pulling away for a second, both of their eyes still closed. He went and kissed her hard again then grabbed her hand and led her out of the club to his car. He didn’t know where Luz went since he was her ride, but he was sure Kyle would give her a lift.
Harper and the girl from the club made their way straight to his bed, they both knew what was happening without saying a word.
After they were done about an hour later, the girl excused herself to the bathroom and Harper got dressed and called her a cab.
Right after the cab and picked up the girl, Harper’s phone rang.
“Hello?” He answered.
“WEGOTITOHMYLLAMAWEGOTITDUDE!” came screaming through the other end. At first he thought it was Luz since the scream was so high pitched but he soon realized it was Kyle. He was talking so fast Harper couldn’t understand what he was saying. Kyle slowed his roll long enough for Harper to understand him.
“We got the deal, Harper! Snyder records called ad they loved the show we put on! This is our big break, Dude!” Harper’s smile grew cheek to cheek.
“That’s awesome! Did you call Luz yet?” Harper asked.
“No, I figured she went home with you and you two…you know.” Kyle cooed.
“I didn’t give her a ride! I thought you did! Man, I’ll call her and let her know the good news.” Harper said hanging up with Kyle and dialing Luz. But there was no answer. Great, she’s probably mad at me for leaving her there and won’t answer when I call her. She has to know the good news! Harper thought to himself. Even though it was 1am, Harper grabbed his keys and made his way to Lucinda’s house.
Harper pulled up to her house and knocked on her door. But no answer. He went around back and looked through her windows. He found one with an open curtain and saw Lucinda passed out on the floor. Harper pounded on the window but she didn’t move. Panic set in and Harper pounded harder and harder on the window. Something was not right.
Harper ran back to his car, got a tire iron and broke the window. He crawled through the window cutting his hands on the shards of glass but he didn’t care. He ran over to Luz and saw the pills sprawled around her. He tried to feel for a pulse but he couldn’t get one. He picked her up, got her in his car and drove her to the hospital. He couldn’t make sense of what had happened. Why would Luz try and kill herself?

After the gig, Flora came home to an dark house and went straight to her room. She flipped on the light over her bed and saw Demetri laying there in just his boxers.
“Dammit Demetri! You scared me!” Flora said holding her chest. He always did this to her!
“Come lay with me.” He said patting the spot next to him on her bed.
Flora crawled into bed with Demetri and cuddled up right next to him. He kissed her on the forehead.
“I like what you did with your hair.” He said softly.
“I knew you’d like it. I thought it’d be a nice surprise for when you got back.” Flora said proudly. Demetri had been gone the past week on business and Flora was glad he was back in Twinbrook.
“I missed you so much Flo.” Demetri said turning to her and pulling her closer to him.
“What’s going on in here?” Flora heard Kyle’s voice tremble and looked over to find him standing at the end of her bed.
“Kyle! What are you doing here? How long have you been standing there?” Flora screamed at him. She was so embarrassed.
“Go away!” Demetri barked at his little brother! Kyle looked like he was about to cry and ran out of her room. Demetri was mad and started to get off the bed when Flora insisted to let her go handle him.
Flora caught up with Kyle at the end of the hallway, kicking the air. He saw her coming and turned his face away from her.
“Kyle?” Flora said quietly. “Kyle, please look at me.” but he remained glued to the wall.
“Look Kyle, I know it must be hard to see your brother with a girl you like but your feelings for me aren’t mutual. Demetri didn’t steal me away from you and we’re not going out so I don’t see how you can be so upset. I met you when you were 16 and I think of you as a little brother! I hope that we can still be friends.” Flora trailed off and waited for a response from Kyle.
“Well, there was this one girl I met tonight.” Kyle turned toward Flo.
“See! You’re a little heart breaker, Kyle. You can get any girl you want. Just make sure the feelings are the same before you go and fall for her.” Flora kissed kyle on the cheek and smiled. But Kyle’s phone went off and he excused himself.
Before Flora went back to her room, she made Demetri close his eyes and she changed quickly into her sexiest outfit and stood in front of the bed.
“Okay, you can open.” Flora said looking at Demetri’s reaction to her outfit.
“Oh wow. I love you.” Demetri immediately went quite and looked at Flora. He hadn’t planned on saying it but it slipped out.
Flora was shocked, she hadn’t expect for him to say the three magic words. Demetri got up and walked over to Flora.
“I..I’m..Sorry?” Demetri looked up confused.
“Um, well. Don’t be sorry. If that’s how you feel.” Flora stammered.
“Flora this past week when I was away from you made me realize how much I do love you. I hated being without you and I can’t picture my life without ever again, not even for a week or a day. Will you marry me?”
Flora was speechless.
“This was kind of spontaneous and I don’t have a ring hiding in my boxers, but I will get you one. Anything you want, I will get for you Flora.”
“Yes! I love you too!” Flora squealed and kissed Demetri for what felt like forever.
That night they fell asleep holding each others hands, smiling.

A month had gone by since the gig. The Lady Killers hadn’t started recording since Lucinda was still recovering in the hospital and Harper had hurt his hands. This time off had given Kyle time to build a relationship with Kellee and since Flora was planning her wedding for the end of the year, Harper threw himself into helping his sister and mom while they were occupied with wedding things.
Harper was helping out with the laundry when the washer and dryer broke. He couldn’t wait for a repairman since no one had clean clothes at the house so he decided to go down to the local laundromat and do clothes there.
Harper had just finished putting the load in the dryer when he saw a familiar tuft of dark red hair pop out over the half wall of the laundromat.
After the girl was done she sat down in front of the radio and Harper approached her.
“Hey.” Harper said and the girl turned to face him and smiled. She stood up and looked at him.
“Let me introduce myself.” Harper said embarrassed. He realized they never had exchanged names. “I’m Harper.”
“I’m Bandit, nice to, er, re-meet you?” They both giggled a little bit and Harper and her started to chat about miscellaneous things until the beeper for his dryer went off.
“Looks like my time is up, excuse me a second.” Harper smiled and got his clothes out of the dryer. He stuffed them in his bag and before he left he asked Bandit  if she’d like to go for coffee sometime. She nodded her head and Harper made his way home, clean clothes in hand.

Flora’s wedding rolled around way too fast for Bella’s liking. Time was flying by at the speed of light. It was just yesterday Gino and Paris got married and now they were now expecting their first son, Ivan moved out as soon as he turned 18 and married an older women, Harper found himself a new girlfriend who he was smitten over and now her only daughter was getting married! Ah to be young and in love, Bella thought to herself.
“Mom I can’t do this!” Flora’s crying snapped Bella out of memory lane and she jumped up to console her daughter.
“Oh baby…” Bella said bringing her daughter in for a hug. “Yes you can. You’re just nervous.”
“No I can’t mom.” Flora said blubbering into her moms shoulder.
“Of course you can. Do you love him?” Bella asked her daughter already knowing the answer.
“With all of my heart, Mom.” Flo said pulling away from her mom.
Bella looked her in the face “C’mon let’s clean up you’re make-up. You have a fiance waiting for you to make him the happiest man alive.”
“Flora, I love you. You are my best friend. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort.  I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard. These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.” and with his vows said, Demetri slipped the ring on Flora’s finger.
“Demetri, because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, caring, loving and being there for you in all life has for us. I will always be the person that you can trust, talk to and the person that will always understand. I will make my home in your heart. These promises I give you today and all of the days of our lives. Take this ring as a sign of my commitment.” Flora said through tears of happiness as she put the ring on Demetri’s finger.
Flora and Demetri took their first kiss as husband and wife while their close friends and family ooh’ed and awe’d behind them. Flora and Demetri wanted a their guest to be comfortable so they gave them the option of wearing casual clothes. Nothing was traditional about their relationship, so why should their wedding be?
Soon the reception was in full swing. Kyle was hitting it off with Kellee on the dance floor. Forbes was there with his girlfriend and Gavin came with Candy, but no baby in sight. Dylan came with Damon and they were still more in love then ever. Gino and Paris came down for the wedding even though Paris was about to pop at any second. Venus and Starla came even though Cayden hadn’t been seen in years, they still kept in touch with Bella. Bandit, Harper’s new girlfriend attended along with Lucinda who was doing a lot better since her release from the hospital a couple months before.
The party was soon cut short when Paris’ water broke on the dance floor and her screams during her contractions trumped any music the DJ was playing.
Gino was not ready to say the least. Clayton took charge like always, and got Paris and Gino in the car while Bella got their hospital bag out of the guest room and the four of them made their way to hospital and Flora and Demetri left their guests for their flight to SunsetValley for the honeymoon.
During the pandemonium, Kyle and Bandit sneaked away to Flora’s old room and had some fun. She was super drunk, but knew exactly what she was doing.

9 months had gone by and Bandit’s belly grew bigger and bigger everyday. Her and Harper were expecting and so she moved in with him.
Now that the band was working on it’s new CD and spending days at a time at the recording studio, Harper missed when Bandit went into labor. He also had to miss his birth and it killed him. He wanted to be there for his son, unlike his dad.
A year had gone by since Jacob was born and Harper barely got to see him. He was traveling everywhere doing promotional stuff with the band and when he wasn’t traveling he was in the studio trying to get the CD just right. It was about to debut and he needed it to be epic. This was his only shot to give his family everything they could dream of.Daddy was Jacob’s first word and he would scream for Harper every night when Harper wasn’t home. But Bandit understood, it was the life of a rolling stone.  But in the rare occasions when Harper was home, Jacob stuck to him like glue.
Harper had just got home from going to France with the band to promote the new CD and the first thing he did after he dropped his bags at the front door was go see Jacob. He picked his son out of his crib and looked at him. He had gotten so big while he was gone and he looked 100% like Bandit.
“Dahdey!” Jacob wiggled in Harper’s arms from excitement. “I hungy.” Jacob looked big eyed at his dad.
Harper put him back in his crib and went to go get him a bottle downstairs in the kitchen.
Kyle came in and picked up Jacob.
“Hey Jacob! How’s my little man doing?” Jacob looked at Kyle scared and didn’t say anything.
Jacob started crying and Harper ran into the room. He saw Kyle trying to calm Jacob down.
“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here. I love you so much.” Kyle whispered softly, but Harper heard him and dropped the bottle on the ground. Kyle swung around with Jacob still in his arms and looked at Harper mortified.
“Kyle, what’s going on here?” Harper said. “What are you doing?”
“Harper, I just wanted to see my God Son. What’s wrong with that?”
Harper out his hand up. “Kyle, stop lying and tell me the truth. Uncle’s don’t look at their nephew’s like that. I want an explanation!” Harper said starting to get impatient.
Kyle put his hand to head and closed his eyes.
“Oh man, I’m in so much trouble.”

3.1 Pairs

“No. No freaking way!” Gino screamed and ran into the family room.
“MOM!” He yelled until she came to see what he was screaming about.
“Guess what, Mom?!” Gino said with almost too much excitement to bear.
“What?” Bella said irritated she didn’t know what Gino was so hyped up about.
“Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready!”
“Gino Joseph Ford, Tell me right now!”
“I got a football scholarship to Bridgeport university!” Gino smiled and waited for a response from his mom.
Bella was quite for a second and then smiled.
“That’s great Gino! I’m so proud of you, and you know your grandpa would be too.”
Gino called Paris and asked her to come to his house immediately, he had good news for her. She came over as soon as she could and Gino met her with a warm embrace.
“Are you ready?” Gino whispered in her ear.
“Yes, what’s up babe?”
“I’ve been planning on asking you this for a very long time.” Gino said slowly getting down on one knee. He pulled out a small box and Paris’s jaw dropped.
She gasped and covered her mouth, eyes wide open. She’d been wondering where her relationship was going with Gino.
“Paris Cunningham, Marry me? I want to start a new life with you.” Gino looked up into Paris’ eyes waiting for an answer.
Paris nodded in silence, and Gino slipped on the ring.
“It’s the ring my grandfather got my Grandmother, but never got a chance to give to her. I hope you like it.”
Paris didn’t care how big or small the ring was, she was excited to marry the man who swept her off her feet back in high school.“I also have one more thing to ask.” Gino said grabbing Paris by the waist.
“Will you start our new life with me in Bridgeport? I got a football scholarship to their university. So you can go to school for design like you’ve always wanted, and I can go for football and we can a little apartment together.” Paris pulled Gino into her and smiled.
“Of course.” She whispered and closed her eyes. This was the best day of her life!

“I am your father! You don’t get tot talk to me like that!” Gavin yelled at Flora.
She had gone to the consignment store to find Ivan since that’s where he spent most of his time, but instead she found her dad there who was shopping for baby furniture. Him and Candy were expecting. She hadn’t seen him since she was a little girl and a wave of anger washed over her.“You left me, You left your family! I can talk to you however I want, you’re not my father!” Flora spat at Gavin.
“Listen Flora! Your mom and I didn’t see eye to eye. I wanted a bigger family and she couldn’t provide that for me! I couldn’t take you kids with me, or else I would have.”
“Then why did you leave your sons?”
“Sons?” Gavin stopped and asked Flora. But she stormed downstairs to find Becky, the shop owners daughter.
“Becky where is Ivan? We need to go?!”
“Woah woah, calm down, Flora. I don’t know where Ivan is!”
“But aren’t you guys dating? He’s over here all the time!”
Becky stared at Flora.
“What?” Becky said slowly. “I’m not dating Ivan! Why would he lie about that?”
Flora ran into the storage area in the back of the consignment store and started crying. Today had been going horrible. She needed someone to cheer her up and she knew who exactly who to call.
Flora walked back upfront into the consignment store after she composed herself and dialed Demetri.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Demetri could tell flora was upset.
“Can we hang out?” Flora pleaded. “I’ll tell you all about it.”
“Meet me at the community pool at 9.”
“See you then.” Flora said wondering what they were going to do at the pool at such a late hour.
“Hey there.” Demetri said coming up behind Flora, startling her.
“Geez, why do you always scare me when I see you?” Flora said.
“I know, I’m just so ugly.” Demetri smiled.
Flora chuckled and pulled him in for a big hug. “You wouldn’t believe  the day I’ve had.”
“Come on.” He said grabbing her hand. “Let’s have some fun.”
Demetri stripped off his clothes and down to his boxers and started heading into the pool.
“What are you doing?!” Flora asked looking around to see if anyone could see them.
“I’m swimming. That’s what you do at a pool, Flo. Come on in!”
“But I don’t have a swimsuit!” Flo said embarrassed.
“Neither do I!”
“Fine, but close your eyes and don’t look!” Flo stripped off her dress into her bra and panties, slowly go into the pool and swam past Demetri. He opened his eyes and watched her swim by.
“Cute undies.” Demetri joked with Flora.
“uh! I didn’t say you could open your eyes!” Flora said spinning around and jokingly splashing Demetri in the face.
“Hey! That was uncalled for!” Demetri shouted back, egging her on and splashing her.
“It’s on!” Flora said splashing him back.
They splashed back on forth until Demetri surrendered and Flora fist pumped in victory!
“I win!!” Flora said rubbing it in Demetri’s face. “I say we go to the hot top and I will bask in my glory!”
Flora got out of the pool and made her way to the hot tub with Demetri in tow.
“So,” Demetri smirked putting his hands behind his head and relaxing. “Why was your day so horrible?”
Flora lifted her foot of the water and stared at it as she spoke.
“I saw my dad Today and we got into a huge public fight.”
“I bet you gave it to him good.” Demetri said.
Flora smiled and put her hand behind her head and relaxed mimicking Demetri’s posture.
“Yeah,” She chuckled to herself. “I kind of did.”
Demetri and her started laughing and that’s when he made his move and put his arm around her. He expected her to push him away but she leaned into his side like she was always meant to be there.
“Well I’m proud you stood up for yourself.”
“Hey guys!” a familiar voice came and when Demetri looked up he was surprised to see it was his Brother Kyle!
“Oh hey…” Flora said confused. She was having such a good time with Demetri, why would he invite his brother along if he liked her?
“Sorry.” Demetri mouthed to Flora.
“It’s okay.” She mouthed back.
Then out of no where, Demetri went in and kissed Flora. She was taken aback but soon found herself enveloped in Demetri’s warm kiss.
Kyle gasped! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Why did his brother take the girl he liked on a date and then make out with her in front of him!?
Flora broke off the kiss after she heard Kyle gasp.
“Wait.” She said pulling her head back. She turned to look at kyle but he was already half way out of the hot tub.
“Wait, Kyle! What’s wrong?” Flora said pushing Demetri off of her.
“Just let him go.” Demetri said resting his head back on the hot tub and smiling to himself. Flora watched Kyle walked away even more confused as to why he was upset.
“What just happened Demetri?” Flora asked.
“He has a puppy crush on you, so he was probably mad that I kissed you. No biggie, he’ll get over it.” Demetri giggled.
“That’s so mean!” Flora said saddened. She didn’t like Kyle like that but he didn’t deserve to be treated so mean.
She got out of the tub to go find him, but he was long gone by the time she put her clothes back on. She felt horrible.

It had been a year since the hot tub incident and the band had broke up.  Harper and Kyle had aged into young adults and Bella had re done the house to accommodate Gino leaving.
One day, Harper was in his band practice space when all of a sudden Kyle ran into the room.
“DUDE! I have some great news!”
“Um, hey Kyle. Long time no talk. How’d you get in?”
“You’re mom let me in. But check this out, I got a call from Snyder Records and they want the Lady killers to play the Mojo lounge friday night and if thye like us, they will sign us to their label!”
“Really? How did that happen?”
“I sent in our old mix tape a couple of months back for fun and they called me this morning! Think about it, if they like us, we can be rich and famous!” Kyle said getting excited and it was rubbing off on Harper.
“But we have a problem, I called Vixen and she’s not interested. Something about having a family now and yadayadayada. But I have a solution. Her name is Lucinda and I brought her with me to try out a jam or two with us and see how she does.”
“Well I don’t know.” Harper started and then Lucinda walked in and waved at Kyle and Harper.
“Hey Kyle!” She said happy and gave him a hug. Then she introduced herself to Harper and shook his hand.
“You can call me Luz  for short. Let’s get this practice started!” She said sitting herself behind the keyboard waiting for Kyle and Harper to get into place.
Lucinda started stroking the keys on the keyboard and humming. Then Harper and Kyle  joined in.
Harper turned around and watched Luz play. She was no Vixen, She was BETTER! Where did Kyle find this girl?
Harper stopped playing and waved Kyle over.
“So, what do you think dude? Is she good enough?” Kyle asked Harper.
“She’s great! I say we keep her. We’ll teach her some songs of ours by Friday and we’ll defiantly get that label deal!”
“So that means I’m in the band?” Lucinda got up and asked Harper and Kyle.
“Welcome to the Lady Killers, Luz!” Harper exclaimed. “I know you’ll make us proud.”
“Look, I’d love to stay and celebrate but I gotta catch the bus and get home.” Luz cut Harper short.
“Well, why don’t I just drive you home? You’re a band member now, you don’t need to take bus anymore. Harper at your service.”
“I don’t know, I don’t live in the best part of town.”
“Don’t worry, grab your things and I’ll be waiting in the car.”
“Well here we are.” Luz said getting out of the car.
“Let me walk you to the door.” Harper said and quickly opened his door.
“Well…” Luz said. “Guess I’ll be going inside. See you tomorrow for practice.”
Harper gave her an awkward hug and then quickly  left. He had a good feeling about Luz and the future of the band.

The winner is….

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2.9 Coward

It had been several months since Bella walked in on Harper and London. She sat them down and had a talk with them about protection and to be careful since she knew they were going to do it anyway. In an attempt to keep Harper busy, Clayton bought him a guitar and Harper loved it. He strummed away all day and night getting better. He was a natural.
Flora, who recently had a birthday and turned into a young adult loved watching Harper practice. At first it made him nervous, but as he got used to it, he loved knowing he had one fan.
“Harper, you’re getting pretty good at this.” Flora said watching him strum away on his guitar.
“Thanks Flo. You know I joined a band? This guy from school, Kyle, he plays the drums and his older friend Vixen, plays the keyboard.” Harper said not straying from his guitar.
Pretty soon, Clayton and Ivan, who was new to teenager hood himself stood in the hallway watching Harper play compositions on his guitar.
Bella was doing laundry like she did every Thursday when she came in and heard Harper. She was amazed how good he was. Then she stopped when she saw Ivan all dressed up.
“And where are you going dressed like that Ivan?” Bella teased him.
Right then, London, who was doing homework in the family room ran past Harper to the bathroom. Harper stopped playing, put his guitar down and went to go see what was up with his girlfriend.
“I have a date tonight mom, and I want to look good. Remember, I told you like a week ago.” Ivan sighed and walked out of the house off to go pick up his date. Everyone disbanded once Harper stopped playing and went on their own ways.
London locked the door behind her, put her hand over her mouth and started sobbing. She had been feeling miserable lately and Harper hadn’t noticed since he was spending more time with his guitar instead of her. London leaned back against the door and slid down slowly trying to muffle her cry.
“London, are you alright?” Harper asked putting his ear to the door trying to see what was going on. He was concerned for his girlfriend. She been acting the same for a while. He was going to ask her, but he figured she’d tell him when she was ready.
London did not get a chance to answer Harper and she quickly leaned forward and stuck her head in the toilet. Harper heard her vomiting from outside and begged her to open the door.
“I want to go home. I don’t feel good. It was probably something I ate.” London assured Harper and got Clayton to take her home.
Ivan arrived at the consignment shop and Mrs.Bayless quickly spotted him.
“Why hello Ivan.” She said “You’re early for your date.”
“I know.” Ivan smiled. “I just couldn’t wait.”
“Alright, wait here I’ll be right back.” Mrs.Bayless said going in the back. Ivan was so nervous. His palms were sweating.
Mrs. Bayless came out in her normal clothes and Ivan was in awe. He thought she looked beautiful.
“You look so sexy, Veronica.” Ivan said looking her up and down.
“Oh shush.” She blushed.
“Mr. Bayless is a fool for not paying attention to you. I’m going to make you feel like a goddess.” Ivan grabbed her hands.
“Not in public!” Veronica said pulling her hands away. “Someone will see.”
Veronica and Ivan drove to the outskirts of town where no one knew who they were. They pulled up to a small diner and started heading into it when Veronica stopped. Ivan looked at her and asked her what was wrong.
“You go in first, then I’ll come in. So no one see’s us actually go in together.”
Ivan headed in and looked back at Veronica who was obviously nervous. Not only was she a married women, but she was cheating on her husband with someone half her age. As soon as he opened the door, Veronica followed after.
“It was a complete accident. I didn’t know that she would show up at his house that night.” Bella read on while Clayton turned on the T.V and started stretching, completely engulfed in what she was reading.
Clayton started doing jumping jacks distracting Bella.
“Babe.” Bella said looking up at him, but no answer. “Babe!” She raised her voice. Clayton stopped working out and looked at her.
“I’m trying to read.” Bella said pointing to the diary Clayton had given her before he fled Twinbrook. She finally had gotten the courage to read it.
Bella went back to reading and Clayton went back to his jumping jacks.
“Aren’t you supposed to be picking Harper up from band practice anyways Bella?” Clayton said breathing loudly.
“CRAP!” Bella mumbled under her breath.
“FLORA! Can I see you in the family room?” She yelled hoping her daughter would hear her.
Flora came around the corner and Bella got up putting her book down.
“Can you please do me a favor and pick up Harper from practice? I totally forgot and I promised Clayton I would work out with him.” Bella pleaded with Flo.
Flora sighed but agreed.
“Fine, where is this place at?”
“Thank you so much sweetie!” Bella said, grabbing a piece of paper and started to write down directions to the house Harper and his band were practicing at.
“Yeah yeah.” Flo said grabbing the directions and keys heading out the door. “You owe me!”
They had been playing for hours, since they were a relatively new band, they had to have all the practice they could get in. They had deicded on the band name Lady Killers and Kyle took it upon himself to draw a broken heart on his drum kit.
Kyle was in the same grade as Harper and was so glad he put a wanted ad on the school bulletin board or else he wouldn’t have found Harper who was a blessing to their band.
Flo had been standing in the garage wacthing her brother and his friends jam on ther instruments and she was so intrigued she didn’t notice the man come up next to her and stand there for a good 10 minuets.
The man turned towards her.
“They are pretty good, huh?” He said smiling but startling her a little bit.
Flora turned toward the man, heart pounding.
“Oh. Yes.” She smiled back politely. “Are you Kyle’s dad?”
“HAHA!” The guy chuckled. “No, I’m his brother, Demetri.”
“How rude of me!” Flo blushed, she thought Demetri was very attractive.
“I’m Flora, but you can call me Flo. Harper is my brother.”
“It’s nice of you to let them practice in your garage.” Flo commented.
“Yeah, well it’s better then in the house when I’m trying to focus. Plus it’s just Kyle and I now, so I try to keep him busy and happy.”
“Tell me about it. My step-dad bought him that guitar to keep him busy and off his girlfriend.” Flora joked with Demetri.
Practice started to wind down and Harper packed up his guitar while Flora and Demetri were still chatting it up.
“Hey man, who is that talking to my brother?” Kyle asked Harper.
“That’s my sister. And by the looks of it, at the rate they are flirting, you’ll be my brother in law.” Harper laughed, patted Kyle on the shoulder and walked” away still chuckling to himself.
Flo saw Harper heading to the car and even though she was having a good time talking to Demetri she dismissed herself.
“Well looks like I gotta go. It was nice talking to you, Demetri. See you around.” Flora smiled and quickly walked away.
“Hey Bro!” Demetri yelled calling his brother over.
“Great practice!” Putting his hand up to hi-five kyle, but kyle didn’t hi-five back.
“Or not…” Demetri put his hand back down.
“Who was that you were talking to?” Kyle asked Demetri.
“Who, the Blond?”
“Yeah. I’ve never seen her around here. Is she one of your groupies?”
“No, Kyle! Her name is Flo, she’s Harper’s sister, dummy.”
“Oh, you think she’s cute or what?” Kyle tried to ask slyly while Vixen still practiced in the background.
“Yeah, she’s a cute girl. Real funny too.”
Kyle went back to his drums and tried to play a little but he couldn’t concentrate, so he promptly got back up and walked back over to his older brother who was washing some clothes.
“So, you gonna try and date her or just hit it and quit it like every other girl.”
“Kyle, what are you talking about?” Demetri looked at his brother puzzled.
“Flo. Are you trying to be her boyfriend or just friends with benefits?”
“I just met her Bro! I’m not trying to do anything except clean your dirty underwear.” Demetri smiled holding up Kyle’s whitie-tighties.
Kyle snatched his underwear from Demetri and looked at him dead in the eyes.
“Good, because she’s mine.” Kyle stared.
“Woah. I’m not doing this with you Kyle. Flo is not something you can posses but if you want a chance with a girl who six years older then you, be my guest.”

Months had flown by since London had thrown-up in the bathroom and Harper was trying really hard to talk to London but she was more distant then ever. One day, London came over and told Harper they needed to talk.
“Sure, what is it babe?” Harper asked getting up off of the couch.
“You know I love you with all of my heart.”
“I love you too London, but you didn’t have to come all the way over here just to tell me that.”
“That’s not it, Harper.”
“Well can you tell me, you’re making me nervous.”
“Okay well see, you know that graduation is coming up for me soon, and I’ve been super sick.
“Yeah, I know…” Harper didn’t like where this was going.
“I’m moving to Riverview  after graduation.” London said slowly.
“WHAT! That’s practically on the other side of the country London!”
“I know, I know. But they have the best colleges there and a really good hospital. My mom insists I go, and there is no changing her mind.”
“So what? Are we going to try and do long distance?” Harper asked.
But London stood there in silence.
“You’re dumping me?” Harper asked, lips quivering.
“It’s for the best Harper. You still have a year left of high school and you have so much going for you. It’s not fair to you.”
“Get out of my house London.” Harper said calmly.
“Harper, please don’t be mad at me.”
“You’re a liar just like my dad. You don’t leave people you claim you love, London. That’s being a coward.”
London knew Harper would be upset, but his words were harsh. She turned around and walked out the door without saying a word.
Harper ran to the park, without telling anyone. Harper just needed to clear his head.
He pulled out his guitar and started to play what he was feeling. Crowds started to gather and throw money into his guitar case. Harper was no longer nervous around crowds or people watching him, he welcomed them.

The next week at band practice, Harper was miserable. Every song they played reminded him of London, she was his muse after all. She inspired him to compose all of the songs he played. But he couldn’t even get through the first song when he asked Demetri to take him home.
“Oh, hey Flo.” Demetri smiled as he saw Flora walk up to the house.
“Hello, Demetri. What are you doing, following me, huh?” Flo teased him.
“No, just dropping Harper off from practice.”
“OH NO! Did I forget to pick him up?!” Flora was so embarrassed.
“Yeah, he waited for you for like two hours and then I told him I’d take him home.”
“I’m a horrible sister! How could I forget!”
Demetri started laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Flo asked.
“I got you! You didn’t forget to pick him up. Practice ended early, he just wasn’t feeling it.”
“Not funny!” Flo said smiling, jokingly pushing Demetri. “How mean!”
“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute when you’re worried.” Demetri said and they both went silent looking at each other.
“Well I guess I should get going.” Demetri said leaning in and giving Flora a hug. He felt a little guilty because he knew his brother had a puppy crush on her, but he knew it wasn’t anything serious.
That evening, Ivan was walking around the house in his underwear talking on the phone.
“Well what are you wearing, Veronica?” Ivan purred to her over then phone.
“Oh really? Well maybe I should just come over since your husband’s not home?” Ivan was starting to fall for Veronica and he wanted to shout it out loud, but he knew he couldn’t. Not quite yet.


2.8 Shell Shocked

“Hey guys, I haven’t seen you in a long time!” Paris exclaimed when she saw her old friends. Ever since summer rolled around after their Grandpa died, they had been M.I.A
“Yeah, sorry Paris. But now a new school year a new start.”
“Are you waiting for your mom to pick you up?” Gino chimed in.
“Yeah, I don’t know where my sister went, but she hates waiting for me to get out of practice.” Paris said.
“Tell me about it!” Gino blushed. “Our brother Harper hates it too, but my mom insist on Carpool.”
“Do you always hog the slide?” Harper heard a voice come from behind him and scare him.
“Sorry.” Harper murmured and slid down to see who was talking to him.
“I’m London, nice to meet you.” The girl said smiling.
But she needed no introduction, Harper knew exactly who she was. Gino had a crush on her twin, Paris and talked about her non-stop. She was a year ahead of him, but a year behind Flo. He’d seen her walk down the halls of the school, with her light pink highlights and dozens of piercings. She was chubby, but Harper thought it made her even more beautiful.
“Hello in there!” London waved her hands and snapped Harper out of his thoughts.
“I’m sorry.” Harper blushed, embarrassed she caught him zoning out.
“Well that’s a strange name.” London chuckled.
“Huh? Oh! No No No. heh heh.” Harper laughed nervously. “My name is Harper.”
“Well nice to meet you Harper.” London smiled.
A couple of minuets passed by and Harper came out of his shell. Him and London were hitting it off.
“Do you have any plans tonight?” London asked, getting straight to the point.
“Well good! Meet me at Asylum road at midnight!”
“But that’s past curfew!” Harper exclaimed.
“OOOOO!” London teased, throwing her arms about. “Scared to go to the abandoned Asylum after curfew, are we?”
“No!” Harper yelled.
Flora and Paris were mostly talking, with Gino jumping in a few times trying to get Paris to notice him. Then Bella pulled up and honked her horn.
“Harper where ever you are, mom’s here! You have three seconds to get your butt in the car or we’re leaving you!” Flo yelled into the distance.
Flora hugged Paris good bye and Gino waved shyly.
Harper snapped his neck when he heard Flo calling for him.
“I gotta go.” He said, not knowing how to end the conversation with London.
“I will see you tonight.” London whispered in his ear as she gave him a hug goodbye. Harper smiled. He’d only knew London for a couple of minuets, but he was really starting to like her.
Harper told his mom he was at his friends house studying and left early to go scope out the asylum. He was glad her got there fast, it looked like it was about to storm outside and thunder rippled through the surrounding hills. He didn’t want to look like a fool when London got there and trip over any loose floor boards and have any huge spiders scare him. But London came early too. Harper pushed opened the door rising up years of dust and cob webs.
Harper found his way upstairs into a dark room, then he heard foot steps behind him. He turned around fast and saw it was London.
“What are you doing here London!” Harper said caught off guard.
“Same thing you’re doing here silly. Look, I want to show you something.”
London grabbed Harper’s hand and led him to the window.
“This is my favorite room in the whole place because of this view, it’s breathtaking. You can see all of sleepy Twinbrook.” London sighed.
“How’d you know about this place?” Harper asked, not being able to take his eyes off the view from the window.
Who knew something so ominous could have such beauty inside of it? Harper thought.
“My Dad use to take my sisters and me here when we were little, since he was the grounds keeper and let us run around and play.” London explained.
“Sisters?” Harper was confused. “I thought it was just you and Paris?”
“Now it is, but not back then. We had a sister,Yvonne,she was about three years older then us and Paris and I loved her. One day when my dad brought us here to play, Yvonne was in the green house when a branch fell and shattered the glass. She passed away that night. My mother never forgave my dad so he moved away and Paris and I haven’t come back since.” London looked at Harper, but he didn’t know what to say.
Out of no where, thunder tore through the house and lightning light up the room. London jumped and grabbed onto Harper. Harper grabbed London by the waist and pulled her closer, her eyes closed until the lightning and thunder ceased.
It was dark in the room and Harper and London were breathing heavily.
“Don’t worry.” Harper smiled. “I got you.”
But London didn’t disengage herself from Harper, instead she opened her eyes and looked dead straight into Harper’s.
“You can let go of my hand now, Harper.” London said quietly.
Harper looked down and quickly let go, he felt his cheeks burning.
“heh heh, sorry.” Harper apologized.
“Don’t be.” London smiled.
“So…” Harper rubbed his head. “I know prom isn’t for another 6 months, but I was wondering if you’d like to go with me?”
London giggled. “You’re cute, but not that cute.”
“What? You don’t like to dance?” Harper teased dancing around the room.
“How can you say no to these awesome moves?”
“There will just be all the jocks and stuck up cheerleaders there. Doesn’t sound like much fun.”
“Well I came to a creepy asylum after knowing you for all of two seconds, I think you owe it to me to come with me. Plus, it’s so far from now it will give you plenty of time to fall in love me with.” Harper joked and then smiled at London.
“HAHAHA!” London bellowed. “Fine, Mister Dancing with the stars. I will go, but only if I fall in love with you in 6 months.”
“It’s a deal!” Harper said excited. He normally wasn’t so out going or confident, but something about London made him come out of his shell.
“Let’s get going.” Harper suggested. “I’ve had  way too much fun for one day.”
“I agree.”
Harper leaned in and London expected him to kiss her, but he just gave her a peck on the lips and opened the door.
“After you my lady.” He showed her out and walked her to her car.
“Bye.” she mouthed and Harper waved with the wind almost blowing his beanie off and lightning lighting up the sky above him.
Harper got home and went straight to his room, replaying the whole day over in his head.
Best day, ever. He smiled as he thought.
The weekend rolled around and Flo was watching Friday’s game highlights on the computer when Gino walked out of his room.
“Flora. I need your help.” Gino said desperately.
Flora turned off the computer and looked at Gino.
“Oh crap. What did you do this time?” Flo asked sarcastically.
“Nothing, Flo! Just please, give me some advice.” Gino looked so distraught.
Flo got up and stood in front of Gino.
“Okay?  What’s the problem little brother? Got a rash ‘down there’ ?” Flo joked.
“No! I need advice on Paris. I really like her and I thought you could help since she’s your friend.”
“You, want to date Paris?” Flo asked trying to hold her laughter back, but it was no use. “HAHAHA!” Flora laughed right in Gino’s face. “This is hilarious, I need to put this on Spacebook!”
“Wait! Flo, I’m serious. I don’t want to just ask her out and have her think im another dumb jock trying to get in her pants.”
Gino started tearing up.
“For sim sake man, suck it up!” Flora said trying to get Gino to snap out of it.
He looked up, “Please, Flo? You’re my favorite sister!”
“Fine. First things first Gino. Grow a pair. Second, be yourself.”
“That’s it? That’s your advice?” Gino groaned.
“Duh just be yourself. Maybe the less sappy version of yourself. But mostly you. And she’ll love you. I promise.” Flo said patting her brother on the shoulder. “Now let’s go get some grub.”

“Wow. You look stunning, Paris!” Gino said almost at a loss for words.
“Thanks Babe. You aren’t so bad yourself.” Paris replied, fixing Gino’s collar.
“Where’s that brother of yours? We  should be going, we have to meet up with everyone at school for group photos.” Paris asked.
“I don’t know. Let me go find him.” Gino kissed Paris and went to go find his brother.
“Are you sure you still want to go, Harper? We could just stay here and have some fun of our own.” London said trying to seduce Harper.
“Do you love me, London?” Harper looked at London and asked.
“Of course I do!”
“Then a deal is a deal! You have to go with me to prom!” Harper laughed and went to get up.
“Please. Let’s just stay in. Let’s make love!” London begged.
“Geez, London! I said no. Either you stay here or come with me, but I’m going to prom tonight. Let’s please try to have a good time.”
Tears were welling up in London’s eyes.  She had never been rejected before.
“Harper. London. I hope you two are decent, we have to get going.” Gino sent his warning up the stairs.
London brushed away her tears “We’re coming!” and she stormed out of the room.
Great, now my girlfriend is mad at me on prom night. Harper took a deep breath and started down the stairs.

“You. Are. The. Best. Boy. Friend. Ever.” Paris spat out in between kisses.
“What are you doing here?” Gino asked after he was done getting his fill of Paris.
“I’m here for emotional support.” Paris explained. “London is here to talk to Harper about what happened last week at prom.”
“Ouch.” Gino winced. “I hope everything turns out okay, Harper really likes your  sister.”
“Hey.” London said awkwardly as she looked down and scratched her arm.
“Hey.” Harper shot back looking up at the sky.
They stood there in silence for a while until Harper couldn’t take it anymore.
“I tired calling.”
“I know.” London said still looking at the ground.
“Look, I’m sorry for whatever happened that night before prom. I just wanted to show you we could have a fun, care-free time without making it too heavy with sex. I kind of wanted to wait and make it special for you.” Harper explained.
“I was offering myself to you and you shot me down, like I disgusted you.”
“You do not disgust me, London! You get me so riled up just think about you! I could take you right now.” Harper joked as London looked up with her eyebrow raised in mischief.
“Oh really?” She smiled.
“I could take you right now.” Paris breathed heavily as things were getting hot in Gino’s bedroom.
“Let’s go baby. I’m so ready.” Gino started pulled up Paris’ dress and rubbing her thighs.
“Wait. Wait!” Paris pulled Gino’s hand out from under her dress.
“I’m not ready Babe.”
“But you just said-”
“I know what I said, Gino! I’m just not ready!” Paris screamed.
“Woah, calm down Paris. You’re really sending me mixed signals.”
“Just drop it Gino! Geez!” Paris leaped off the bed.
Gino scrambled off the bed and stepped in front of Paris.
“Move Gino!”
“Paris, please. Calm down. I understand you want to wait and I respect that, but please can we talk about this boyfriend to girlfriend?”
“I swear Gino if you don’t move I will scream.”
“No Paris! I don’t know what is going on, but I would be a horrible boyfriend if I let you go home so upset. We will stand here in silence until you get yourself together.”
Paris finally calmed herself and slowly told Gino to move. He moved aside and let Paris walk out of the house.
What in the world just happened?
Meanwhile, as things in Gino’s room were cooling down, Harper and London were just starting to to heat up.
“I love you London.” Harper said holding her and kissing her down her neck.
“I love you too, Harper.” London barely could speak, she was in ecstasy.
London made her way to the bed and motioned for Harper to join her when Harper heard a knock on his door.
“Harper, open up. I need to talk to you!” Gino said through the wooden door.
“I’m kind of busy Bro, can we talk later?” Harper shouted and held up his finger to his lips to let London know to be quite.
“No! It’s an emergency!” Gino’s voice quivered.
Harper face palmed and shouted that he’d be out in a sec.
Harper flung open his door and closed it behind him.
“Are you serious right now Gino? You better be having a heart attack!”
“I can’t figure out Paris, dude. One second we’re getting got and heavy in my room and the next she’s screaming for me to get off her like she was on fire!”
“Dang. And you don’t know what caused it?”
Gino shook his head no. Harper felt bad because he could see how hurt his brother was, but he didn’t know what to do at the moment. He wasn’t thinking with his head.
“Look, I’m so sorry Gino. But I got some business I need to take care of, if you know what I mean.”
“Huh?” Gino said confused.
Harper moved his head in the direction of the door to his room.
“I got some business to attend to. You understand?”
“Oh yeah Bro! I’m so sorry! Go on!” Gino said pushing Harper back through his door.
Harper came back in his room, locked his door and climbed on his bed and mounted himself over London.
“I’m ready.” London said and Harper didn’t even hesitate.
“Then we should take these off.” Harper smiled reaching for London’s panties and pulling them down.
“Wait. Did you lock the door?” London asked stopping his hands.
“Yeah, I’m sure I did.” Harper continued. But he couldn’t remember if he did or not.
“Can you double check, please?”
Harper got up and turned the lock.
“There are we happy?” Harper mocked.
Bella knocked on Harper’s door but there was no reply, so she opened it.
She took a step inside and gasped. She quickly shut the door before Harper noticed she had walked in. She walked away and went to go find Clayton. She had no idea what to do.
After London and Harper were done, Harper help London close to him and they fell asleep in each others arms.

2.7 Gone

“Hey Dad, figured I’d find you here. I need to talk to you.” Bella said.
Bella touched her dads shoulder and he turned around.
“Dad, you’re ice cold. How long have you been out here?”
“All morning. Your mom and I would watch them every morning. I see her in every sunrise, her orange hair, her smile. I miss her every morning.”
“I miss her too Dad.” Bella said giving her dad a hug, his scruffy beard rubbing against her face. “You should shave that.”
“Yeah yeah.” Avery dismissed her advice, “What did you need to talk about?”
“I got a phone call last night from someone saying they know who killed Erika and to meet them at the graveyard in a couple of days, come with me?”
“Please Bella! Do not go! Who knows who will be waiting there?”
“Dad, we get to  have some closure. Don’t you want to know? Don’t you care?”
“No! No! I won’t allow it. I won’t loose another Child! Don’t go Bella.”
“Hehehehe.” Flora giggled behind Gino.
“Shut up Flo!” Gino snarled. “I’m trying to figure out how to get in the house with out being noticed. No one is supposed to be up!”
“Well it’s cold out here Gino, I’m going inside.” Flora turned around and headed toward the door. Gino tried to grab her before she did, but it was too late. She opened pandora’s box.
“Sweet baby llama!” Bella Gasped. “It’s about time you two got home. I told you to call Clayton or me when the game was over so we could come get you.”
Flora stood in the doorway with Gino behind her.
“Well get in here you two, I don’t have all night. I need an explanation!”
Flo and Gino slowly walked in toward there mom and closed the door behind them.
“Sorry mom. We went to our friend Paris’ house after the game and time just flew by, we forgot to call.” Gino explained.
“Oh really? How come I’ve never heard of this friend?”
“She’s a new cheerleader mom!” Flora jumped in.
“Well next time call Clayton or m-” Bella stopped mid-sentence, Gino wasn’t pay attention to anything Bella was saying. She turned around to see what was distracting him.
Bella turned and saw Flo was making silly faces at Gino and just then she looked at her children’s eye and she knew exactly what had happened!
“You two are high!?” Bella trued to restrain her voice so she wouldn’t wake up the rest of the house. “You guys are out running around on a friday night, high out of your minds and I have no clue where you are?!”
“Mom, chill out.” Flora said trying to calm her mom.
“You two go straight to bed, I will deal with you in the morning.” Bella dismissed them.
Clayton came out of his room realizing Bella never came to bed. He saw Flora and Gino walking to their rooms and smiled at them.
“Hey guys.”
“Hey.” They simultaneously said back solemnly.
“Well aren’t they just a ray of sunshine.” Clayton joked walking up to Bella, but she didn’t laugh.
Clayton pulled Bella into his chest and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She breathed in and let out a deep sigh.
“What’s wrong Bella?”
“My kids are doing drugs!” Bella exclaimed.
Clayton untangled himself from his wife, grabbed her arms and bent his knees so he was eye level with her. He looked at her with his eyebrow raised, he knew there was something more.
“I need to go to the cemetery tomorrow, Clayton.”
“I know you do. You should go, You know I would never let anything bad happen to you. C’mon let’s go to bed.”
“Remind me to ground those two tomorrow!”
Bella got to the graveyard, and didn’t realize how vast it was. She didn’t know where to begin but she was determined to find out what she’d been wanting to know forever.
Bella roamed around the cemetery for hours until it hit her that she should go to Erika’s grave site. There she saw a familiar red head standing  there by herself.
“Dylan! You know who it was all this time and just acted liked you cared about what happened?”
“What are you talking about Bella?!” Dylan shot back.
Right then Bella knew that Dylan had gotten the Same phone call as she did.
Dylan gasped and Bella heard foot steps behind her and slowly turned her head to see who it was.
It was Cayden who looked extremely sad. He walked up to Dylan and Bella and looked at both of them without saying a word.
“I’m glad you two came, this has been sitting on my chest for a long time.” Cayden finally spoke.
“You know!” Dylan looked at Cayden in disgust.
Cayden shook his head yes. “It was me.”
Bella’s mouth dropped and Dylan was stunned.
“Let me explain! It was an accident! I hated what Tanner did to you Dylan-”
“SO YOU KILLED ERIKA? Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense Cayden!”
“It was a mistake!” Cayden reached out trying to comfort Dylan.
“You’re a monster, get away from me! I’m calling the police!”
“What is going on?” Bella eagerly interjected, she was so confused.
Dylan ran over to the corner of the gated Cemetery and positioned herself so Cayden couldn’t take away her phone and then she dialed 911.
“Cayden, please tell me what is going on? What do you mean what Tanner did to Dylan?” Bella pleaded with her brother. She could feel tears swelling up in her eyes.
“I have to go, Bella. ” Cayden said coldly.
Little did any of them know, Avery had been watching this play out the whole time. He had enough of what he was seeing and hearing and sneaked off to walk back home.
“Hello, is the police? I know who killed Erika Ford, He’s at the local cemetery right now!” Dylan said walking over and looking Cayden dead in the eyes.
“Bella I have to go, now.” Cayden said shoving a small diary like book into her hands. “This explains everything.”
“Cayden! Wait! What about your daughter and wife? What about Dad? Cayden!!” Bella shouted at Cayden as he ran away from her.
What about me? Bella thought. She knew she would never see her brother again.
After a few hours Bella finally made her way home. The cops came right after Cayden left and they questioned her and Dylan for hours but Bella would not cooperate. She was driving home and she couldn’t stop looking at the diary sitting on her passenger seat, staring back her. She didn’t know if she wanted to read what was inscribed in it or not.
As she was driving across the Twinbrook bridge she saw a man standing awfully close to the edge of the bridge looking out. As she sped by it hit her that it was her dad. She immediately pulled the car to the side of the road, got out and ran back to get her dad.
“Dad. What are you doing?” Bella asked calmly, reaching her dad’s side.
“Watching the Sunrise, Bella.” Avery said matter of factly.
“I can see that. But don’t you, um, usually do that on the balcony?”
“You know this is where they found Erika. Dumped here like yesterday’s trash. Even if Cayden is a murderer, he would never drop Erika here in in the river all alone and cold. You and I both know that.”
Bella was not surprised, of course her dad followed her to the cemetery. It was his daughter who died, he needed to know just like Dylan and Bella.
“I went because I didn’t want to loose another person I loved. I did, just not the one I thought.” Avery continued.
“I know Dad, I know.” Bella said quielty.
“How many more sunrises am I going to watch while I keep loosing everyone I know?”
Bella grabbed her dad’s hand and squeezed it.
“You still have me, and your grand kids. And Clayton loves you.”
“C’mon Dad, let’s get home before everyone wakes up. It’s already been a long day.”
Bella and Avery got into the car and Drove home in silence.
When they both entered the house, everyone was asleep still.
“Good night Bella.” Avery said heading toward the stairs to go up to his room.
“Are you sure? I’m about to make some breakfast, do you want some?” Bella tempted Avery.
“I’m sure.” Avery said walking up the stairs but he stopped and called for Bella. She came back and stood at the bottom of the stairs.
“Yeah Dad?” Bella said looking up at him.
“I just want you to know I love you.”
Bella smiled. “I love you too, Dad.”
About a hour after Bella was done with breakfast and waking everyone up to come eat, the fire alarm upstairs went off.
Bella ran upstairs and saw her father engulfed in the flames.
“CLAYTON!” Bella shrieked for her husband.
Clayton came as fast as he could and the rest of the family followed after him.
“Get back Harper!” Clayton said pushing Harper away from the flames and shielding him with his body.
Flora screamed as Clayton told her calm down and call an ambulance on her cellphone. She did as she was told, but was so scared for her life she shaking.
Clayton took charge and grabbed the extinguisher from Avery’s dresser drawer and put out the fire until all they saw was Avery on the floor, burnt.
Clayton immediately grabbed Harper and Flo and pulled them into his chest so they wouldn’t see their Grandpa like that.
Bella was beside herself!
“DAD! DAD! DAAAADD!!” Bella yelled at the top of her lungs, sobbing and falling to the floor. Clayton took the kids downstairs and made sure they were okay and ran back upstairs for Bella. She was so hysterical, Clayton had to pick her up and bring her down stairs. He held her and they all sat in stunned silence until they heard the familiar sound of ambulance sirens roaring down their street.